Did "No Shave November" Get Out of Hand?

Shape your facial hair with beard grooming services in Pearland, TX

Don't walk around with a scraggly beard. Sharpen up your facial hair by scheduling an appointment at So Sharp Barbershop and Salon. We provide beard grooming services that include full shampoo, blow dry and trim. To fill in and further define your beard, we also offer color enhancements that last up to one week.

We provide beard grooming services in Pearland, TX. Call now to schedule your appointment.

Benefits of shaving with a straight razor

Straight razor shaving is beneficial to men with coarse or curly facial hair because:

The results are smoother
It prevents ingrown hairs
You’ll get a closer shave

The use of a straight razor should be left in the hands of a professional. This minimizes cuts or a choppy shave.

Clean up your beard or mustache with straight razor shaving. Call now to schedule your service in Pearland, TX.


Thermal Scrub Therapy Treatment Keloidas Nuchae

30 Day Treatment - 4 Week Results

Thermal Scrub Scalp Exfoliation

Promotes Hair Growth -Anti Dandruff -Moisturizes Hair and Scalp -Anti-Itch and Scratch

Thermal Scrub Neck and Shin

Relieves bumps and irritation -Prevents neck and chin discoloration -removes ingrown hairs

Alaskan Mask Facial

Promotes healthy skin -cleans pores -controls breakouts -reduces dry and oily skin

Beard Luster Wash

-improves beard growth -stops itching -exfoliates the skin -unclog strapped pores

Hydrotherapy Bald Treatment

-evens skin tone -revitalizes scalp -deep pore cleansing - oil/grease free shine